About Awakenings

My husband and I are new grandparents with a beautiful grandson.

As soon as my daughter learned she was pregnant, she began asking me many, many curious questions about being pregnant (which daughters have a tendency to do). Since she works full time, I began researching the available data from books, the internet, magazines and many other resources. I ended up condensing a vast amount of material and sending her weekly updates.

Every week, she and our grandson’s father looked forward to reading all about the current week’s developmental stages. They loved knowing about his progress, as well as what they could expect in terms of their own personal, emotional and physical experiences. She was so incredibly pleased with the time saving gift of information, she suggested I put together a site for other new parents-to-be, so they could benefit too!

I’ve been a business owner for over 20 years and am semi-retired. I currently teach an online short course that I developed called Hidden Market Job Search Strategies, through over 650 universities worldwide. My background enabled me to develop this current project with professionalism, combined with the love of a mother and a new grandmother.